Traveling Nicaragua

One of the best places in Nicaragua is the isle of Ometepe. Why? Because a lot of Nicaraguans also visit this island to relax during their vacation. That says enough. Here you will find more useful information about this island if you intent to visit Nicaragua. A trip to Ometepe is obliged then!

Where to stay 

Are you looking for a clean, affordable place to stay during your stay on Ometepe? Welcome to our hostel! La Peñita Hospedaje is an excellent accommodation and well equiped to service you.


Isla de Ometepe is one of the touristic high lights of Nicaragua. However, there is certainly no mass tourism on the island. The island is the place to be if you love nature and/or outdoor activities. Here you’ll find more information.


The two vulcanoes which created the island are also the major destinations: Concepción and Maderas. You can visit them with a guide, which is highly recommended. We can arrange that for you as full-service hostel.

Furhtermore, the island is blessed with a lot of beautiful nature. Due to the vulcanic ash the ground is very fertile. Result is a very lively and diverse wild life. And as it is an island, you can of course enjoy the many beaches and lake Cocibolca, in which Ometepe is situated. Water sports are very populair such as swimming, kite surfing and wind surfing.


 However, the most popular water sport on Ometepe is wind surfing. Lake Ometepe has namely excellent surfing conditions. Therefore, it is one of the most popular surf spots in Nicaragua and loved by surf enthousiasts all over the world.


Do you like to cycle? Ometepe is also the place to be in Nicaragua. Whether it’s mountain biking or not. Our roads are well maintained and not crowded. In addition, we can arrange bike rental for you.


Travelling to and from the isle of Ometepe is done by ferry. See ferry services Ometepe for further information, such as the departure and arrival schedules etc.

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